The Mil-Stak large bale loader was invented and patented by a custom hay stacking operator.  His goal was to design a fast, simple method to load and stack large square bales with his New Holland® bale wagon and yet retain the ability to quickly switch back to small bale loading.

By utilizing your bale wagons existing controls, the operator can quickly and easily load a tight, uniform stack of large square bales. With the Mil-Stak clamp installed on a New Holland® BW series or newer wagon the stacking process is fully automated. Simply drive to a bale, activate the clamp squeeze function, and the computer will take over. After the clamp has loaded the bale on the first table, it will return the clamp to the ground while you focus on driving to the next bale. Stack patterns can be set for many different stack patterns in both 3×3 and 3×4 bale sizes.

Once the initial install is done, you will be able to switch between large and small bale mode in less than half an hour by simply removing a few bolts bolts and hydraulic quick couplings. On the BW28/BW38 and H9880/H9870 wagons the New Holland® computer will automatically recognize when the Mil-Stak clamp is attached and enable the large bale stacking functions and stack patterns.

Converting your stack wagon from small bales to big bales used to be a big decision for many hay producers because once it was done, it was costly and difficult to undo. Mil-Stak has taken great care to design a large bale conversion kit that does not damage your New Holland® bale wagon. Everything is either bolted on or plugged in. There is no welding on your bale wagon and no wires cut.  Starting in 2009, New Holland® H series wagons are factory ready for the Mil-Stak clamp. Initial installation of the clamp may be done by Mil-Stak or one of our experienced dealers. If you are interested in installing one of our clamps yourself, please see our downloads page for installation manuals.

Mil-Stak is the only large square bale conversion kit for your New Holland® bale wagon that still allows small bale loading!