The chart below is a complete list of the New Holland® bale wagons which Mil-Stak clamps are compatible with and how many big bales each wagon can carry per load.

Bale Wagon Model1068, 10781069, 10791075, 10851095, 1089BW28, BW38H9880, H9870
3×3 Bales per Load101012151515
3×4 Bales per Load558101010
Bales High in Stack554555

Note: As of 1/1/2015 Mil-Stak no longer stocks the necessary parts to install on New Holland® wagons older than a 1095/1089 series.

1068’s, 1069’s, 1078’s, and 1079’s are limited to ten 3×3’s or five 3×4 bales per load because the distance from the back of the cab and the front of the load rack is shorter than on all other New Holland® bale wagons. This shorter distance makes it possible to only place two 3×3’s or one 3×4 on the second table at a time.

1075’s and 1085’s are limited to twelve 3×3’s or eight 3×4’s per load because their load racks are shorter than the other New Holland® bale wagons. The shorter load rack only allows you to make a 4 high stack of either 3×3’s or 3×4’s.

Mil-Stak also does not recommend loading or hauling 4×4 bales with a New Holland® self propelled bale wagon. The Mil-Stak clamp itself can handle 4×4 bales but the hydraulic cylinder which lifts the second table does not have enough force to lift the second table and transfer two 4×4’s to the load rack.

Mil-Stak bale clamps are not compatible with any bale wagon that is not listed in the chart above. This includes the New Holland ® 1046, 1048, 1049, or any of the New Holland® pull type bale wagons.