Pull Types Specifications

Recommended minimum tractor size150 HP
Minimum hydraulic GPM18 GPM
Maximum hydraulic pressure from tractor3,000 PSI
Clamping and lifting cylinders pressure2,000 PSI
Electrical system12 Volt
Bale length7 to 9 ft.
Bale weightUp to 2,200 lbs.
Bale sizes3×3, 3×4, 4×4
Quantity of bales per loadUp to 18-3×3, 12-3×4, 8-4×4
Bales stacked per hourUp to 120
Bale wagon weight, empty15, 150 lbs.
Length34′ 10″
Width ( to outside of tires )9′ 7″
Height ( empty )12′ 10″
Height ( loaded )14′
Recommended shed height for stacking22 ft.
Tire sizeHigh Flotation, 700/50-22.5 16 ply
Single axle capacity44,000 lbs.
Tongue weight, empty2,800 lbs.
Tongue weight, fully loaded2,800 lbs.
Tongue weight, unloading-1,700 lbs.